Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lemonade Stand Kit Tutorial

The end of the school year is almost here and my youngest daughter is so sad to leave her preschool friends and teacher :(  She asked if we could give her class a treat for the end of the school year.

I had recently enlisted my husband to help me build a lemonade stand for the kids for the summertime, they love selling lemonade every year.  While I was helping him the other night, I thought, why don't we make lemonade stand kits for my daughter's preschool class.  So off to the store I went...

I bought pink sand buckets for the girls and yellow buckets for the boys.  I also bought a container of Country Time Lemonade Mix for each of the buckets, yellow for the boys, pink for the girls.  We included white spoons for mixing that I found at Walmart (4 spoons for roughly $2) and 10 clear plastic cups in each bucket.

I had a friend of mine cut some vinyl for me for the outside of the buckets that says "Lemonade 25 cents".  And lastly, I created a printable set to go in the buckets, which includes a Lemonade banner, a citrus slice banner, two lemonade signs (one blank & one with 25 cents) and a tag to tie to the outside of the bucket.

We delivered the buckets to her preschool class today and the kids spotted me carrying the bright buckets up to the door.  They were jumping up and down, excited and curious to find out what the buckets were for.  The teacher had the kids stand in a line up against the wall to keep things in order.  None of them wanted to sit still.  We told them the kits were to make their own lemonade stand this summer, they were so excited.

Putting together these buckets were really easy and they turned out really cute!  These would be great for party favors, summer gifts, and birthday gifts.

I have a girl (shown) and a boy version of the lemonade stand kit printables available in my shop.  Both sets are bright and fun, who wouldn't want to get something like this as a gift?  You can purchase the printables here:  THE PERFECT CARD

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