Thursday, November 1, 2012


Our Very Jane Holiday Card feature was originally set to be featured on November 4th.  Because of some scheduling conflicts, we have moved our feature date to NOVEMBER 9th, be sure to mark your calendars with the new date.

I am so excited....A few select popular holiday card designs from our shop, The Perfect Card will be featured on Very Jane on November 9th at an AWESOME PRICE!  Be sure to mark your calendars, you won't want to miss out.

Very Jane is a deal of the day site that features new boutique style gifts, accessories, supplies, and lots of other fun things every day :)  Each of the featured deals only lasts a few days, if the sellers item doesn't sell out first.  You can sign up on to be notified of these specials each day.  Each morning, I receive one email with that day's featured deals.  I love that they don't flood my email inbox all day long like some other sites.

 I hate to admit how addicted I am to this site, but I have found some pretty awesome deals :)

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